Subject Nonsense
DateCreated 1/10/2007 7:02:00 PM
PostedDate 1/10/2007 6:32:00 PM
Body I'm conforming to the pattern
conforming to my mind
And it's a burden just like I AM
Just coincidence
or repitition?

-that I felt OH SO serene
as I fell in love
with the blank, white, ARTIFICIAL sky
and closing my eyes
I was engulfed by a peace that NEVER ONCE DID I feel when I stared at the walls
on the edge, I felt the floor beneath me and the air before me
I wanted to take off-

My clothes, I never HESITATE TO take them off
I am no restraint
And I still do
But it's good
oh so good
I'll never got caught up, I'm just pacing myself
But still, the pictures in my mind...

I painted them there, those pictures
I painted THE SUN in my mind
So that the lights would never go out AND
I painted a whole damn gallery
For a reason to keep them on

Until I was thirsty
I never thought to stop
Each step I TOOK was a mile
Each word I spoke was a novel
And I learned to chew up MY ARGUMENTS, and spit them back out
But don't forget to swallow
Because sugar is WHAT MAKES the medicine

Go away because I can't say anymore
What makes ME oh so laughable
To all the laughing walls
I figure that they're never there
It's all just what I see
But if I pretend to be INVISIBLE, than that's what I'll be
Am I right?
I'm just talking


[I hope you liked that, cause I did.]