Subject Like scratching a lock with a key
DateCreated 3/3/2007 9:59:00 PM
PostedDate 3/3/2007 9:48:00 PM
Body Yea, I just wanted a title... it doesn't really correspond to anything. Anything at all.
Or does it?

I give and I give
And the breath does nothing but leave me
No sound comes out
Just wheeze, and the word comes out ugly
And it's all ugly
Isn't that the way life's meant to be?
But I keep giving
And you could've guessed the cliche rhyme
What is given to me?
Lonely nights and half felt invitations
Time that never makes up for time lost
Cold feet and a cold doornob
A pain that hits quite hard but I can barely say I've met at all
And dirty hands
And dirty mouths
The dirty words make dirty invitations
And if you couldn't guessed the cliche rhyme
Those minutes when compared to days are only simple consolations