Subject 12:55, and no one will call, ever again and at all
DateCreated 3/7/2008 10:57:00 PM
PostedDate 3/7/2008 10:55:00 PM
Body I try so hard to sink into oblivion
But you can't watch stars with cloudy eyes
And if you drag yourself from day to day
There are parts you leave behind

Give me a reason to be
How long before I'm lame?
Give me a memory to break
How long before the majority dissintegrates?

No more fears of laughing walls
I'll laugh right back like a spayed old cat
But fear of the open spaces left
And birds drowned out by choking walls

Give me a symptom to be
How long till this part will go numb?
Give me a means
till it all goes away

We're all rushed by strings
Filing through life
We forget the priorities
God had in mind

We send love to our mothers
And flowers to our lovers
And leave both, before either have died

We leave marks to erase
But it's true we forgot
And if you only cross out
they will bleed