Subject The ultimate emo blog
DateCreated 3/24/2007 6:28:00 PM
PostedDate 3/24/2007 6:20:00 PM

I am in like, so much pain. (Haha, told you, EMO)

Like, my guts hurt, my stomach hurts, my body aches, my head occasionally hurts, I've got a stuffy nose and my throat is starting to get messed up too. I'm like... pretty sick and it's spring break and it SUCKS. I was going to actually do stuff this week and see people but I never got around to it. Most of my week has been revolving around sleep, computer, and trying to get my body to work right for once. Start recovering from one thing and then BAM I get hit with something else. My body just hates me.

And then emotionally I'm really kind of alone right now cause there are people at my house, grandparents actually and there is nothing to do. And I hate it. So now I'm on the computer, again. GAH. It just never stops. And I know that no one even reads this (on myspace) but I just need to rant so bad, cause I'm frustrated and groggy and I just don't want to be here right now. I want my now to be different. But I don't want to go to school. I really wanted a nice spring break but I just did nothing but get sick. I know this isn't anything important, but I'm just getting sick of nothing...