Subject Another chink
DateCreated 4/14/2007 2:28:00 PM
PostedDate 4/14/2007 2:27:00 PM
Body I've been reeling
feeling nauseous while I'm turning
swimming through unpleasant air

but it's always so delightful when I turn
and see the slick facade just pull away
to look into the eyes
and they're connected to a face

but oh, I've got a flower,
oh, I've got a prize
but I've been going
no where all this time

and if  they pull away the mask
they'll see it's me
that's been chipping all this time
and I offer
take another chink out,
I don't mind

but by this time I've started to forget what I look like
on the other side
I'm used to staying clean and confined
but I'm allergic to help-

(I don't mind)

and oh, I've got a flower,
I've got a prize
and I'm holding it tight
but it's me that I'm holding at night
when I let out each
terrified sigh

and I stand by the window each terrified night

oh I've got a flower
I've got a prize
I've got one potted plant

and I'll feed it with water, and act like a sun lamp
so I'm waiting and watching and checking the signs
and fearing for nothing

but when you think it's right.