Subject The tree and the house
DateCreated 4/29/2008 10:39:00 PM
PostedDate 4/29/2008 10:27:00 PM
Body And with those words I made my life into a house
I don't try to control
the words just come into my head
and I imagine a reply
but never are the replies I asked for given
though I plead inside my mind
it's not manipulation just anticipation
but no one sees what I want

so long I got off easy
easy living in a comfortable home
a tricky lightswitch to turn on the lights
and all the warmth would spread to every corner
except for when the furniture was moved about
and covered shadows' places

and I grew a tree within the yard
that somehow made the day seem brighter
and called out in the night
and I would lay under it's shade in the darkness
knowing that when I woke there would be light
so every morning was much brighter

then storms came fast and branches broke
but roots stayed strong
I've heard that trees can last quite long if they are good
and strangly I think I read it in a book

but now I'm looking back on things
and I'm living every word
the lights don't come on, even in the day
the house is cold
the floor is cold
the furniture is gone
the moving boxes fill the walls and all the spaces
I've been hungry for so long, but just can't seem to find the box I ate from

and I look outside, and sit where my tree used to be
it bids me now and then
to try and grow some weeds
that die off in the morning
when it snows

I guess the roots were never deep enough
my foundation's weak
I come home to an empty house
but it's never really home
and I'm no good at growing trees
so bury me, I cried isntead, bury me
to no reply


I'm too lazy to actually finish this piece of shit.