Subject I guess you could say "moving on"
DateCreated 5/8/2008 7:19:00 PM
PostedDate 5/8/2008 7:14:00 PM
Body Oh such a dirty, ugly world
cold and unsure
but you shone alight
and we like the turn signals of car headlights
shakily out of tune
blinked in cycles of together
and apart
but always adjacent
oh, but not only headlights
whole cars
submerged in our world like an iceberg shows only its edge
we were parked
and then one moved on
and I can't tell who because I'm staring at the spot
but it's alright because I'm beyond that
and I look up to the sky and see
in the silence that you gave me
that we are in a cycle still
like moon and sun
with a thought at sunrise
and a glance at dusk
so tell me when you come back up
what will there be to say when this is done?