Subject This is cool
DateCreated 5/16/2008 8:26:00 PM
PostedDate 5/16/2008 8:13:00 PM
Body Really it is. School is almost over.
The only thing standing in my way now are finals, some [school] packet, and a really annoying painting.
I'm ok for once. I think so.
There are so few stray thoughts floating through my head.
Nothing dark to latch on to right now.
I've got pierced ears. And everytime I see them, I like them more. I don't know why. Those pretty metal rings.
I'm going to buy a one600 polaroid. Bad idea budget-wise, but it's for the sake of "senior photos" haha.
Oh, and I actually bought a year book! I first one ever.
I'm going to go to [place] next month. I've never left the country before! [PLACE]!
And if I'm really lucky I might get to go to Florida as well. I'm really hoping for that too. Hopefully I won't spend TOO much in [place], yeah?
I'm going to college. Holy shit. COLLEGE.
All of this, and I'm ok. OK.
I'm ok.
And I don't feel like writing shitty poetry. Fancy that.

Just one thing.

Do you ever feel that we shouldn't be apart?

That's the only thing floating around. So I said it. And now I feel like dancing.