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DateCreated 5/27/2008 9:11:00 PM
PostedDate 5/27/2008 9:05:00 PM
Body somebody bring me a compass
I don't even know what's right

I think that I've stopped thinking
and now I'm not sure what to think

Is it happy is it nothing
is it somewhere I've not been before
or is it more the same than I had thought?

I really think that I should start thinking
Is there really no moving forward?
because walking backwards
can bring the walker many hazards

already now I don't know where I am
or where I'm supposed to be

I don't even know where I was headed
only now do I remember that I was in a dark place

oh my own confusion
I clearly and precisely imagine crying before I sleep

this isn't even poetry
it's more a confession
a thought that I can barely keep inside

who am I
that puff meets a dusty wind
and is lost with no reply.

and my mind makes no effort
assuming there is no reasonable answer to find.
I've forgot
or in ignorance have avoided all ways to remind myself.