Subject Lead
DateCreated 9/2/2007 9:18:00 PM
PostedDate 9/2/2007 9:00:00 PM
Body the pieces start to sting the fingers
are they hard?
aren't they cold
from the ground?
so isn't it fun to see what they've become
sitting heavy in your hand?

With my head like a rock, I'll run headlong
until I fall
I'll just roll down
till my body's crushed and I'll roll
like a mangled ball
and I've forgot where to go now
and I'd pick up the pieces myself but I forgot where I fell

I forgot that my head's getting harder each time
and it's heavier
I just can't see the pieces that
or maybe I do
I forgot now
or did it get lighter?
I forgot

I wasn't going anywhere
I just took off and lost track of my mouth
but a piece got in my eyes
and the color was smooth
so I thought it was real
I was wrong, I suppose
but the colors seem dull,
next to red

most runners I think,
would compare hearts to porcelin, but then aren't they all dead?
I haven't got any problems
it just happens
that I  keep on breaking my head
but when you touch the pieces they turn sour

all I can see is the crusted red
so how in God's name will I
move that much lead?