Subject No one reads this.
DateCreated 11/10/2006 9:56:00 PM
PostedDate 11/10/2006 9:44:00 PM
Body "How'd I ever get so lucky, How am I still alive?"

Well things are peachy, I'm totally screwed for my paper though. Haven't found a mentor yet. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about knows I've been bitching for a while.

Everything seems to be wrong with me physically. Finger is I-don't-know-how-the-heck messed up, my eye won't stop twitching every 5-20 mins, I still get rib pains, and gut pains.
Am I breaking? Dying? Something? Haha.

I have no idea what music to listen to. It's driving me insane. Everything is driving me insane. I feel like I'm trying to walk on water. Unbelievably hard. No idea where you are going, and no idea how you got where you are.

But that's cause tonight I'm in emo mode! :D

"I'm walking on a cloud full of glass"