Subject This was my dream, and it took a long time to write so read it.
DateCreated 11/11/2006 8:22:00 PM
PostedDate 11/11/2006 8:20:00 PM
Body I had a dream last night, which I found very touching. It's one of the few dreams that I remember vividly, and something about it makes it stick in my mind. I want to write it down so that if I do forget, I can read it over again, and possibly by writing understand what it is about it that sent chills down my spine.

From what I remember, and what I have tried to patch (there are a few things here that might not have happened, I tried to connect the large chunks I remember as best I could; the point is the feeling is still the same)

Things in parentheses are details within the dream and comments on it.
Things in brackets are my comments dealing with the technicalities of the writing.
    I was wandering on a search for nothing, and entered a series of underground halls and chambers (this was not unusual, because most of the activity I found was underground). I walked farther and farther underground, following a path. I came upon an area with signs I could not read, and felt that I had walked farther than I should have, into an area in which people were not supposed to be.
    The door was old, and the lighting was dim. I opened the door and immediately smelled death, but saw none. Inside the vast expanse (there were many levels of balconies and places where water should have spilled down unto where a pond should have been, near where grass should have been) was a man, chained unconscious. He was very attractive, and I yearned to walk closer. From the walls came voices, and then two people. I could see through the people as if they were ghosts or holograms. (Looking back on the dream now, these people could have been either due to the otherworldly and somewhat futuristic facade of its reality.) They told me not to move him, that he didn't belong outside, he was very SENSATIVE, they said, he could never handle IT.
    But for some reason I didn't listen. I could find away. So I turned to my companions (at this point I realized I had an entourage) and told them to take care of him. He was naked, and his feet, hands, genitals, and were colored oddly. I overlooked it, and left, telling the others to leave him in my main room for when I returned home.
    [The trip home is not missing, it just never occurred in the dream.](My mind basically cut through the crap for me, but it removed other more important parts as well...)
    [At this point, I lose my own consciousness within the dream, and it follows a third person view. This means that the action of the character known before as me are less like mine, and I do not know "my" thoughts. So to keep consistent I will write in a third person view.]
    She came home and found him sitting on the stone floor (everything in this world was mostly stone, because there were quite a few housings underground). He was dressed in worn out clothes and looked a mess. (You know that commercial about blocking TV shows? The one with the black man talking to a druggie about blocking him? He was dressed and sitting on the floor kind of like that--obviously taken from the commercial.) He seemed friendly but confused and a little afraid. She approached him and as she did she felt the air around him, and it was odd.
    The two of them talked, and it seemed that the man acted as if he had been passed out for a night and had woken up in an unfamiliar place. The surroundings did not startle him; he did not seem alien. But he knew nothing about daily life or culture, he said. Upon further inspection, he seemed to follow odd habits. He said he did not eat, and that the air was thin. This seemed odd to hear, and she could not understand it. (I never saw people eat in the dream, but seeing her reaction, I have to assume they did. This fact doesn't really fit with other things, such as the fact that people felt air, but did not breathe.)
    Most of all, he was a virgin. This was hard to understand, and appalling. Of course this had to be changed, and she said so. He told her it was hard to breathe, and he was worried. She ignored because she did not understand.
    Because of her pride and her class she would not have sexual relations with him. Instead she summoned for someone, and left the room. The second that she closed the door she walked off a ways to escape the odd feeling in the air. From the darkly colored kitchen, the same stone as the living room, she waited.
    Within less than a minute, she felt pressure, in a number of quick surges rush through her. It was like the process that made thunder. Invisibly the air was sucked into the room, and so quickly that it created an absence in the air, a chain reaction. (Ok, not exactly like thunder, but similar. Just without the heat. It made sense in the dream.) The air made her body freeze and she heard a painful scream come form the living room. The girl that she had summoned ran from the room, yanking on clothes with a disgusted look on her face.
    Far away in a house above ground, the surges of pressure went through the air, and people turned their heads in the direction from which they came. One man shook his head in grave understanding.
    [First person is regained.](This is possibly why the attitude of the character changes.) Feeling immediate regret, I burst into the room to find the man covered slightly with the sheets on top of the double bed with his head in his hands. (Why look, now there is a double bed in the living room! Or is it a bedroom now? I think so.)
    I ran up and kneeled at the edge of the bed, afraid to come closer, to fall victim to his wrath. I could not hear myself think, but I tried to call out to him. The infernal screaming stopped, and he looked down at me from the head of the bed, innocent and in pain. He was too sensitive, he couldn't handle it. He couldn't even begin to enter our way of life, if he couldn't do this. At this moment I felt a strong connection from this odd individual, and the need to befriend him, and protect him. He looked at me like he knew me.
    [There is a large gap here, and I figure that most of it was my mind, but it transitions so terribly that I think I forgot some, too.] [This section doesn't really feel like first person; it's more like a flashback.]
    I found him in the driver seat of the pickup truck (him being the attractive man except younger, more like 13, and I myself was younger, about the same age, but seeming slightly older.) He was sobbing and hitting the steering wheel, and I sat next to him and tried to console him. I was calm and he was hysterical and hopeless. I told him that I didn't want him to go, that I loved this young boy.
    [Flips to third.] Outside it was dark and there were no stars. Trees almost everywhere, with a few bits of light coming up from where there were houses. (In another perspective this world would seem kind of scary since there was really no evident light, there was only the effect of light, the ability to see. All the colors were dark and dull.) There was a house, or a kind of garage near by. The truck was an antique replica. No one drove cars. She continued to try in vain to console him. He ran off, leaving the car door open, and she slowly exited as well, turning to some people on the left, telling them to follow the boy. Her look was stern and unforgiving.
    [Again there is a gap, but it is more of a skip forward in time; I understood this even in the dream, that about a period of 1000 years went by. Apparently people in this world do not always die.]
    Wandering again through a vast expanse, with no trees, only dust and sand, I came upon an imperfection in the terrain. There was an entrance to an underground alley I had no noticed before. (If I didn't say it before, these entrances look kind of like the entrance with stairs that the protagonist in the Silent Hill movie walks down just as the siren rings, just not scary, with a kind of gray light, and more open. More ancient.)(Everything in this world is ancient.)
    As I walked along it, I felt a sting about the air; and tears started to well up in my eyes, either from the air or from something else. It felt familiar. I had looked, but until now I had thought it gone. I ordered those following me to leave; I needed some time to myself. They were puzzled but slowly left.
    As I continued, the feeling got stronger, and it all felt so familiar. The only though that came to me was why had I tried to make him have sex with me. (This thought is tied to something that happened within the first large gap: something before the flashback, but in a way overlapping with it. I need to mention that the flashback DOES fit with the dream; if you don't understand you can ask and I'll explain.) I went on, stepping over broken columns, and ducking under low sections of ceiling. The passage became more and more narrow, and I didn't know if I would make it to the end. Near the end, I saw vines, and it astonished me. (This was because it was thought impossible, plants did not exist- not even animals did.) And faint light came from the opening. I walked through.
    As I turned my head up, staring, it pained me. (Physically or mentally I do not know.) I stared, frozen, while a large shadow covered a large, grassy area around me. I stared, and as I stared at the source of that shadow, I could only think of the monster I had made.

Comments and questions would be greatly appreciated.