Subject To do list
DateCreated 11/24/2006 5:42:00 PM
PostedDate 11/24/2006 5:24:00 PM
Body PREFACE: Two blogs in one day, what a wonderful thing. Blogs are very annoying really, I don't know why I bother. Well, I do. It's cause I suck.

INTRODUCTION: I'm just having fun, and for some reason acting like I'm making a book.

DEDICATION: Dedicated to me. Oh how quaint.

01: Finish your paper
02: Make some halfway decent poetry
03: Don't forget who is and isn't on your preferred list
04: Don't blog about personal issues
05: Do not hesitate to throw things away, like pictures you don't want to look at anymore
06: Throw some emotions away too while you're at it
07: Vandalism is violence for pussies. Violence is for people who don't want to hurt themselves. GO AHEAD, FEEL SOME PIAN FOR ONCE.
09: Stop venting on myspace blogs
10: Stop procrastinating
11: Don't analyze life, it takes away the sparkle
12: Find some real friends
13: You don't need real friends, so stop trying if it's so damn hard
14: Stop idolizing 11-year-old homicidal girls
15: Do not regret the past
16: Do not hold onto it either
17: Stop crying about the future
18: Stop isolationg the present
19: Find balance
20: Lose some weight while you're self-hating
21: If they get suspicious, lie
22: Make your own opinions
23: Don't worry about the opinions of others
24: Stop worrying about others in general
25: Follow your instinct
26: Make up your fucking mind
27: Hang up the phone more often
28: Remember what is finite
29: Remember that life is finite
30: Finish your "list"
31: Draw more art
32: Make your book
33: Get a job
34: Make more time
35: Don't lie
36: Don't think about suicide
37: Especially in the car
38: And stop speeding while you're at it
39: And turn down that music
40: Stop making excuses
41: Do not use your Christmas money to buy your "friends" Christmas gifts
42: Don't make excuses for not having gifts
43: Get a job sooner
44: Don't have sex
45: Ever again for all I care
46: Just don't
47: Say no
48: To drugs, I mean, and alchohal and tobacco
49: Live on the fucking streets if that's what makes YOU happy
50: And die