Subject Change of topic
DateCreated 11/24/2006 3:11:00 PM
PostedDate 11/24/2006 3:02:00 PM
Body Yea, sorry about that last blog.
I just wanted you all to feel left out.
But no one read it(or was supposed to read it at least.)
On another note, I am very hesitant in everything I do. I'm too timid, too afraid.
A set of reactions.

The force of a landside
The fall of a pebble
It leads to another
A poor girl in tears
Why do you cry?
I cried before
Why does she cry?
She's embarrassed again
And it grows
Spreads and envalopes
I'm carrying weight
She's dragging the weight
A scratch that doesn't stop bleeding
The tears grab on, to each preceding one, like a string of pearls that in the end will make me blind
I'm falling apart
She's falling in parts
Won't get out of bed
And it hurts
A steep decent

From point A to point B
Which one is my destiantion.
The one I leave of the one that I will go to?
Because if I never returned
I would be the saddest girl in the world
Wouldn't you?
Everyone has someone they call home
Everyone has something that they wish to hold on to
Everyone has someplace that they'd die to never leave
And sometimes that's just what I need