Subject "Is there a way to find a cure for this implanted in a pill?
DateCreated 12/1/2006 8:28:00 PM
PostedDate 12/1/2006 7:57:00 PM
Body Acetominiphen
You see the medicine"

Well, I've been [trying to] researching something of interest to me lately, and to no success.
I'm sure that anyone who knows me has had to have noticed that there is just not something right about me.
Or should I say, about my hands...
For anyone not clued in, I've been "biting" since 5th grade or something like that. Started in between 4th-5th for sure. It started with the feet, stopped, and moved to the hands. My teeth did that is.
And I still bite. I still eat. I still peel until my fingers are raw, or bleeding. They've been infected twice, and many people were worried about it[it was pretty nasty].
I'm convinced I'm not the only one that does this because of a site I found on the internet. One site. That's it. I found one stressed out guy on Yahoo answers with the problem, and one ladie asking about the condition of her coworker, but one site has about 50 people.
It's kind of disturbing really. I want to know why. I want to know everything about this. There isn't a name. There isn't any information, and yet it seems like a disorder, everyone with the same symptoms. Why isn't there anything more about this?
Things along the lines of "I do it when tense, nervous, stressed, but also when I'm not doing anything else. I do it without thinking, and often am not conscious of it, or I am but I don't react to it. I don't stop until the damage is done, when it's too late. I always wear bandaids. It hurts just to get them wet. Once I start to pick I have to keep peeling the skin. When it gets dry I bite to even it out, but end up making it worse."
Stuff like that.
I am fascinated and yet more than ever I want to stop. And I don't want advice, I've tried, and having people constantly telling me "You should really stop that!" gets FUCKING annoying.
I just kind of want an answer. I want there to be an instant fix, and instant cure. A professional to tell me what's wrong. Nobody knows, and nobody is helping as much as I would wish.

"Is there a way to find a cure for this implanted in a pill?"
[my mom says I'm obsessing, and yes, I am for now, but I've gone years without thinking about this at all and it's kind of an overload]