Subject GOOD TIMES and first impressions
DateCreated 8/14/2006 3:07:00 PM
PostedDate 8/14/2006 2:56:00 PM

I don't think I've come across any good music lately, except for ARCTIC MONKEYS. They are very good. Listen to them.

I'm feeling quite random these days. Maybe it's because I'm transitioning.
Transitions are good. Music is good. Mmmmm muffins.

I doubt I'm really as cool as I seem to be. And I'm really not that physically good looking. It's all an illusion really. And I'm not really a physical person. Maybe I should be. More hugs.

My sister TP'ed me the other day. My room that is. I wonder why. She must have been pretty bored. But she had a lot to work with. And she did a darned good job.

I wish I could post more pictures on Myspace. But really, you shoudl all check out my DA. There a link in my profile if you haven't found it.

I was going to say somethign else but I can't remember what. I just want to go somewhere. Houses are so confining. Most things are. Especially at night. Everything all locked up and all. I never go anywhere at night. It's like a cage.

Invader Zim is eating away at my mind, cause I happen to keep quoting it.
"There's waffle in them."
"Shut your noise tube taco goon."

Everything is dandy when I listen to this music.
I ought to reformat the computer. It doesn't like me. I ought to mow the lawn.

-Now then Mardy Bum, I've seen your frown and it's like looking down the barrel of a gun, and it goes off, and out come all these words-

I gotta go pig I'll see you later. I GOTTA GO PIG I'LL SEE YOU LATER.

[the secret ingrediant is love]