Anonymity means that you can judge me nudge the door as I try to get inside crushing my fingers “the infinite loneliness of space” I cry, “is pushing on my eyelids” I can only see the flies stuck to your outside wall I smashed them with a napkin like many mistakes undignified but won’t you let me in? behind the door, a tired sigh seen too many knockers in your life, I gather the walls are so thin that I can hear the laughing skin slapping skin it’s a bit messy but to hell with it you see I’ve been travelling within myself and the space as well, it’s rubbing off but there’s plenty left in the wrinkles of my face maybe feel the inside of my clothes? Who knows what’s hiding there thought if I’d known I would offend I’d mend the door that’s still stuck on my fingers which are hurting quite a bit may I just wait here? listen with my ear pressed intently to the wall? don’t call the cops I’ve still got my hand in this door if we could tear it down, I’d pick all the flies off for you and maybe we could start this over? It’s nice to meet you, but won’t you let me in?