We instinctively understand the beginning of the universe, the expansive, immediate order and the vast consequences of it. All the particles live in transit, drifting. The electrons especially know what it is to be alone. I, electric, know what it is like to be alone. I know the workings of the earth, the pressure that leads to liquid heat, the tremors and shakes, before the tectonic quakes, before the bursting crust. We all aim for freedom, we all need a little air. But oh, how I underestimate your understanding. Look how the light shows, how the drums beat, hear the music our hearts make. So friend, let us dance through the streets, our deaths being little and loud. Let it be raining when we meet, let them never be but humbled by your tears. There is no responsibility but to breathe. You don’t need to be lost to see you are here, among the many stars. It was organic, all the way down, out into space, to the very last atom. He said he wanted to be organic! But it was all organic. Nothing isn’t. That’s the joke. And I laugh.