I have a desk near the big windows now I can look out at the street and think What do the drivers think of me at night when the big windows are all lit up and they're making illegal u-turns near the entrance to the office that strange building where the ceiling is too high glass, paint, and metal like the skeleton of some great beast that was vanquished and turned into a seat of evil with a high energy bill due to ventilation Do they see my outline and wonder what it is I do? am I happy? what is the best way to infiltrate this building and kill me? they're probably focusing on illegal u-turns or their own inner lives Sometimes loneliness overcomes me and I dream of climbing down from this loft and bursting out the glass doors and asking them aren't you also lonely? don't you also see the world ending? like I did when I was young and riding bicylces down the same five streets over and over hoping to find someone and ask them aren't you also lonely? isn't the sun not warm enough? but it's night now and if they see me at all they probably just think nothing at all